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Lyman has been manufacturing quality, well-respected reloading equipment since before WWII. The Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Tool Kit provides all the essential case prep accessories needed for precision reloading in one compact organized case. The kit allows freeloaders to deburr the outside edge of cartridge case mouths and chamfer the inside edge when the cases have been trimmed.

Deburring is an important step in precision reloading as slight imperfections on the outside of the case neck can affect bullet crimping and ultimately accuracy. Unfirming primer pockets minimizes variations in the seating depth of primers that effect how the firing pin strikes the primer producing inconsistent ignition. Chamfering case mouths facilitates seating the bullet.

The Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Tool Kit also incudes a Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller that safety disassembles loaded ammunition without damaging the bullet or case. An E-Zee Case Gauge quickly sorts cartridges for overall length.

Nylon case neck brushes dry and case neck lube facilitate procedures. Features: - Provides all the essential accessories for precision reloading - Deburrs and chamfers cartridge case mouths - Cleans and reams primer pockets Kit Includes: - E-zee case gauge - Magnum inertia bullet puller with 2 collets - Extra large deburr tool - Outside chamfer tool - Flash hole uniformed - Chamfer tool - Small and large primer pocket reamers - Small and large primer pocket cleaners - Small and large primer pocket uniforms - Nylon case neck brushes - Dry case neck lube


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