Collection: Forster Dies & Die Sets

Forster Products®

Straight Shooters™ since 1935

Forster Products has been making some of the world’s most popular precision reloading and gunsmithing tools for over 80 years. Many of our products are recognized as industry leaders such as the one-of-a-kind Co-Ax® Press, our precisely made Headspace Gages, our versatile Universal Sight Mounting Fixtures, and our quality-manufactured and time-tested Case Trimmers. Discriminating shooters appreciate the quality construction and attention to detail, and Forster wouldn’t do it any other way.

Today, Forster Products remains the reloading leader and the brand that serious gunsmiths trust. We make over 2,000 product listings to help you enjoy better shooting performance. Each one is:

  • Designed to exacting specifications – some precise to within .0003” tolerance
  • Manufactured with an uncompromising focus on quality and reliability
  • Made in rural America by people who care about your shooting success
  • Distributed as quickly as possible amid high demand; we guarantee it is worth the wait