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           The Diamondback Vision began in 1989 in a small shop building custom airboats.  Our reputation grew as a manufacturer, as did our capabilities and product offerings. We began acquiring the equipment necessary to begin creating our parts in-house. This equipment included CNC milling machines to manufacture our custom parts exactly how we wanted them. In 2009, we began delivering machined parts to our partnering distributors to build their products. We soon realized the opportunity to begin manufacturing our firearms. This idea gave birth to the product that launched Diamondback into the firearms industry, the DB380. As one of the most compact .380s on the market and coming in at an unbeatable value, we made our mark in the industry. Since then, we have grown to become a family of 6 companies (DB Firearms, DB CNC, DB Industrial Finishes, DB Barrels, DB Airboats, and Southern Grind) with over 250 passionate employees dedicated to creating quality products that will be distributed worldwide, from the Space Coast of Florida.
            Diamondback is a family-owned and operated company at its core. We believe in a tight-knit, hardworking culture with a do-what-it-takes mentality. No matter what new directions and products we might develop in the future, our mission and values will always stay the same. To create quality and innovative products built by American hands. While other companies may outsource parts and labor to other countries for cost savings, we believe in keeping all our production in-house and sourcing our parts from within the USA. By keeping our workforce and supply chain close to home, we can control our processes and ensure a quality product, all while creating jobs and supporting our local community and economy.
            In an unpredictable world, we should all be able to reach for reliability in moments that count. That’s why we offer high-quality firearms vetted by the everyday shooter, battle-tested operators, and entrusted police officers, all at a price point that meets the American blue-collar worker’s budget. Our firearms come with a promise of quality we stand behind. That’s the Diamondback way.

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