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CuSLICK Copper Slip Grease 10ML

CuSLICK Copper Slip Grease 10ML

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CuSLICK GREASE is a lead-free compound for threaded connections & fasteners designed specifically for extreme high-heat temperature applications and corrosive environments.

CuSLICK GREASE will not boil out or deform when exposed to extreme heat conditions. This product can be used on silencer components and threads, choke threads, and even muzzle brakes.

CuSLICK GREASE reduces dismantling torque and protects against seizure conditions of high corrosion & temperatures. CuSLICK GREASE will permit for firmer tightening and easier loosening of threaded connections on your firearm.

Its unique formulation allows for it to be acid, alkali, steam, water, and saltwater resistant.

This product is excellent for any nut or bolt-type application that you want to remove after being subjected to extreme temperatures and punishment.

Ensure that you always have this product in your arsenal to incorporate into those extreme and hard-to-lubricate threads.


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