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TRITON 50S is our most efficient silencer! This is the choice for you who want to reduce noise, recoil and muzzle flash to a minimum and still want the TRITON advantages with extreme durability and low weight.   This silencer is best suited for the “stand hunter” or for the hunter using more powerful calibres, such as Magnums, where the TRITON 50S delivers a feeling that simply has to be experienced!


Calibres:   5.7 – 6.7 – 7.7 – 8.6 – 9.5 mm

Threads:    ½’’x20 UNF, ½’’x28 UNEF, 13×1, 14×1, 14×1 Spigot, 14×1.5,  15×1, 15×1 Spigot, 5/8×18, 5/8×24, 16×1, 17×1, 18×1, and more.

Total length:   264 mm

Addition to barrel length:  159 mm

Diameter:   49 mm

Max barrel diameter: 22.5 mm

Weight:   499 g

Material: Inner components – stainless steel Outer components – Aluminum with Soft Touch surface Noise level at ear: 129dB (.308)

Warranty:    5 year   Misc: TRITON 50S is suitable from .308Win and up to the most powerful calibres such as .338 Lapua Magnum, .378 Weatherby Magnum etc.

Additional information

Caliber (Front Regulator)

5.7mm (.224 CAL), 6.7mm (.260 CAL), 7.7mm (.308 CAL), 8.6mm (.338 CAL), 9.5mm (.375 CAL)


½"X20UNF, ½"X28 UNEF, 13X1mm, 14X1mm, 15X1mm, ⅝X24, 16X1mm, 17X1mm, 18X1mm


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